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No Medical Exam Life Insurance Sprout. Numerous life insurance plans include a medical examination as part of the application procedure. The exam gives insurance underwriters detailed information about your health, which they use to determine your rate and the cost of your life insurance premium.

However, if you object to getting probed and prodded by a stranger, are afraid of needles, or lack the time, you’ll be relieved to learn that no life insurance plans enable you to avoid the medical exam while still receiving coverage.

Please continue reading to discover more about how no-medical-exam life insurance works and to determine whether it’s the correct choice for you.

What is Non-Medical Life Insurance?

Medical examinations are not required. Life insurance is just what it sounds like – life insurance that does not need a medical examination if you’re new to life insurance and are unsure why certain plans demand a medical exam while others do not.

Let us dissect it:

Traditional life insurance plans, both term, and whole require applicants to undergo a medical examination. The exam consists of a regular physical examination and a blood test and urine sample. Certain candidates may be subjected to an EKG or stress test. Along with the examination, you will be required to complete a lengthy questionnaire regarding your health and medical history (and you might even need to share your medical records).

The examination and health questionnaire are designed to provide the insurer with an accurate picture of your medical history.

Underwriters of Life Insurance and Statistics

Underwriters for life insurance then compare your health data to millions of other individuals to estimate your statistical life expectancy. For instance, the CDC reports that “overall mortality among male and female smokers in the United States is about three times that of equivalent adults who have never smoked.” As a result, smokers are always charged more than non-smokers.

Indeed, smoking affects mortality projections that life insurance firms have created separate price tables for smokers and non-smokers.

Similarly, obese people are more likely to acquire heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, and diabetes. As a result, individuals often pay a greater premium for life insurance than those within the normal weight range (see our article on life insurance and BMI here).

Now it’s clear: great health results in reduced rates and premiums, whereas bad health results in higher rates and premiums.

The insurer allows you to forgo the medical examination with no exam life insurance, but the firm forfeits its capacity to estimate your death accurately. As a result, most no-exam policies have specific restrictions (which we will address in further detail below).

The Advantages of No Examination Life Insurance

Consumers are becoming more interested in no exam life insurance for various reasons.

No-examination policies:

  • Allow you to bypass the medical examination, which is critical for those uneasy during medical examinations or who have a phobia of needles.
  • Do not compel you to stop what you are doing to make time for a physical examination.
  • Are time-saving – many applications may be made online.
  • Are rather simple to get approval for, more so if you have major medical issues.
  • They are authorised far more quickly than standard insurance and instantly in certain cases.

Who is Eligible for Life Insurance Without a Medical Exam? Who Requires It?

With all of the advantages of no exam life insurance, you may ask why this insurance is not available to everyone. Why would life insurance firms bother with other plans if no exam insurance is so good?

While no exam life insurance may provide many advantages, it also comes at a greater premium. Because insurers lack a clear picture of your health, they cannot appropriately calculate their risk when the risk to the life insurance company increases and the cost of the coverage increases.

While anybody may apply for no exam life insurance, people searching for more cheap choices are encouraged to choose for medical exam life insurance.

Who is the Best Candidate for No Exam Life Insurance?

If you identify with any of the above statements, no exam life insurance may significantly impact your life.

  • You have an aversion to physicians and needles.
  • You lack the essential time to schedule an appointment.
  • You can afford to pay a higher fee for the expedited application and approval procedure.
  • It would be ideal if you immediately purchased life insurance.
  • You have significant medical problems and have been denied various forms of life insurance.

The last point is critical. Certain individuals are ready to endure the hassle of a medical examination or confront their worries to get reduced life insurance prices. However, what if you are eager to submit to the medical examination but are subsequently refused due to major health problems?

If you’ve been turned down for coverage by various life insurance firms and for various standard policies, no exam life insurance may be a lifesaver. In certain instances, this may be the only option to assure coverage for funeral costs and avoid placing this financial burden on your loved ones.

Types of Life Insurance That Does Not Require an Exam

There is no examination. Life insurance is a wide category that encompasses a variety of policies, some of which are terms and others of which are entire. While term life insurance is valid for a certain length of time or term, whole life insurance does not have an expiry date; it is valid for the policyholder’s whole life (a sort of permanent life insurance).

Underwriting is required for standard term and whole life insurance contracts. As you’ll see below, certain forms of no exam life insurance need some level of underwriting while others do not.

We’ll cover the many forms of no exam life insurance available and who they’re best suited for in this section.

Simplified Situation

Simplified issue life insurance is a no-exam kind of policy offered in both term and whole life. Both kinds need a streamlined underwriting procedure, which is why the phrase “simple problem” is used. You’ll be asked numerous health-related questions, but not as many as standard life insurance needs.

To learn more about your health without asking you intrusive questions or completing a medical exam, insurers collect information about you from third-party sources, such as medical and pharmaceutical databases and driver’s licence records. By applying a simplified matter, you consent to this form of a background check.

By obtaining information from third-party sources, the insurer avoids inconveniencing you while obtaining a wealth of useful data that may assist underwriters in more precisely estimating your life expectancy.

Because your health plays a significant part in deciding your acceptance and the number of monthly premiums you pay. A simplified issue is the most difficult sort of no exam insurance to qualify for. If you are in good health and under 50, you should have no difficulty being accepted. If you have a medical condition, qualifying will be more challenging.

Issue Guaranteed

Unlike simplified issue life insurance, which is not available to everyone, guaranteed issue life insurance assures acceptance to everyone who applies (thus the term “guaranteed issue”).

Approval guaranteed without a medical checkup – does this seem too good to be true? While the deal is genuine, it is also somewhat costly. With guaranteed problems, the insurer has no method of mitigating the risk. As a result, these sorts of policies are subject to the following conditions:

  • Coverage is limited – often up to $25,000
  • Extremely costly
  • A waiting time – If the insured dies within the waiting period (often two to three years), the premiums are returned, frequently with a few percentage points added on.

How is it possible for someone to get a guaranteed issue with all of these requirements in place? The guaranteed issue is fully online and provides instant approval. But more importantly, it is the only method for some individuals to get coverage (and offer their loved ones a death benefit). If you have major medical problems and have been turned down for coverage under other insurance, you may still qualify for guaranteed issues coverage.

Expenses Finale

Final expenditure life insurance is a sort of permanent no-exam life insurance available in simplified whole or guaranteed whole. Both types are intended to cover the costs of your funeral, burial, and cremation.

As with term life insurance, simplified whole life insurance needs partial underwriting, implying that not everyone qualifies. Additionally, this indicates that the cost will be less than the promised total, which is acceptable to (nearly) everyone.

Guaranteed full is significantly different from guaranteed issue in that it often has many “knockout questions” that may reject you (usually about terminal or critical illness).

Opting for last expenditure insurance rather than the guaranteed issue is that premiums may be significantly cheaper, and there is no waiting period. (Awaiting time defeats the objective of last expenditure insurance, which is to cover end-of-life costs.)


Typically, group life insurance is provided by an employer. Approval is contingent upon your employment with the organization, not your health.

There are no significant disadvantages to group life insurance since your company pays premiums in part or entirely. However, coverage is often restricted or salary-based, which is unlikely to meet your requirements.

As a result, group life insurance should be regarded as supplementary or additional, and it is suggested that you have another adequate life insurance policy in place.

Underwriting Acceleration

While expedited underwriting is not a no-test policy, it does provide you the possibility of skipping the exam – but only in certain circumstances.

It works as follows: when you apply for an expedited underwriting policy, the insurer will immediately inform you whether you qualify to avoid the medical test. Insurers can collect information about you from other parties using sophisticated technologies (the same thing they do for simplified issues). The whole treatment is completed in a matter of minutes.

The insurer’s algorithms will analyze your data during this period to evaluate if you are in excellent condition to avoid the medical exam. You may skip it if the algorithms indicate that this is the case. If you do not, you will be required to have a medical examination — and you will have the option of complying or seeking an alternative sort of no exam insurance. Given the fast underwriting process’s nature, the ideal applicant is in excellent health.

The advantages of accelerated underwriting include eliminating the medical exam and premiums that are more comparable to those of standard life insurance plans.

How Much Does No-Exam Life Insurance Cost?

The expense of non-examination Life insurance, like the majority of life insurance plans, is determined by some criteria.

These include the following:

  • Affluence (check the average term life insurance rates by age here)
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Status as a smoker
  • Coverage amount
  • Policy duration (only applicable to term)
  • State of health
  • Health history of the family
  • Driving record
  • Dangerous occupations/hobbies

While the cost of no exam life insurance is very variable, some broad guidelines are to follow.

The guaranteed issue will always be the most costly kind of no exam insurance since the insurer will not require any health information from you.

Because they need some underwriting, accelerated underwriting and simple issue term life insurance are the most affordable products.

The more fit and healthy you are, the cheaper your insurance rates will be (for policies that request health information)

Women outlive males and virtually usually qualify for reduced life insurance premiums.

Smokers will always pay more than non-smokers.

Pre-existing medical issues will always affect the ultimate price.

To estimate the cost of your life insurance policy, you may use our term life insurance calculator to get a free quick quotation in a matter of seconds.

How much life insurance can you get without undergoing a medical examination?

The quantity of the policy is critical, and, as with cost, it is determined by several variables. The following are the general restrictions:

  • Typically, simplified issuance and rapid underwriting provide coverage of up to $500,000 or $1 million.
  • Generally, guaranteed issues are limited to $25,000 or $50,000.
  • Generally, group life insurance coverage is proportional to your yearly pay.

Except for assured concerns, your health status will also affect the quantity of coverage you may get. As a general rule, the healthier you are, the cheaper your rates will be and the more coverage you will be able to get.

How Can You Obtain Life Insurance Without Taking an Exam?

Numerous insurers now provide no-exam life insurance. Before contacting insurers, it’s critical to determine which kind of no exam coverage is ideal for you. Once you’ve determined that, you may begin researching insurers that provide that insurance.

If you are in excellent health, your first choice should be expedited underwriting life insurance, which exempts individuals who qualify for taking the test. Congratulations; you’ll avoid the test and benefit from competitive prices if you qualify. If you are not eligible, you may choose which sort of no-exam policy to pursue.

If you’re unsure whether coverage is right for you, the insurance consultants at Sproutt can assist you. Sproutt is independent of any insurance carrier and operates as an aggregator/broker to get you the best prices and plans. Our insurance consultants provide free, impartial assistance. Our mission is to assist our users in obtaining the best policy and costs available.

We specialise in no exam life insurance if you don’t want guidance and want to locate the best coverage. You may use our term life insurance calculator to get a free quick estimate in seconds.

Bear in mind that life insurance is a purchase that has a greater impact on your loved ones than you. Take your time and study to ensure that you make the greatest choice possible for everyone.

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