2022 Volkswagen Jetta GLI – Still Jekyll and Hyde, and That’s Good

The Volkswagen Jetta GLI for 2022 might be different, but the character is the same.

Similar to the Golf GTI, that is making me sigh.

The Jetta GLI doesn’t have the same extravagant interior design as other cars. We are thankful that it stays true to old-school ideas.

The Jetta GLI looks a lot like the first one. Volkswagen was able to bring in a lot of changes without making a problem.

VW flew me to North Carolina and gave me a place to stay for two nights. I drove the Golf R, GTI, and Jetta GLI. VW was nice enough to provide me with socks in the same pattern as the GTI seats.

The GLI is a new car. It has a new skin for the front and back. The wheels are different too. It has paint finishes that are different colors. The inside of the car is also other, but not as much as in the Golf R/GTI.

The Jetta is a new car. It has a 1.5-litre engine, and it is not here yet, but I hope to take it for a spin soon.It keeps its 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder and 228 and 258 pounds of torque power. It has a six-speed manual and an automatic option too (7 speed). There is no AWD option, so the power goes only to the front wheels.

Inside, the most significant difference is that a digital gauge cluster is the norm. The GLI does not have haptic-touch controls like some other Golfs do. There is also a volume knob which you should be happy about.

The vehicle is the same, but it has a sleeper car design. If you want to drive in peace, take it for a ride. You’ll discover that it isn’t like any other Jetta.

When you switch to Sport mode when the car is on, it can make the car feel alive. You can also have the dark side out in Comfort and ask people who visit. I was astonished when I pulled up at a scenic lookout and hit the gas. It went from silent to delivering a head-turning boom in just a few minutes.

The GLI’s handling is not as good as the other Golf cars. I was driving too near the edge of my lane, and it wasn’t easy to control. But the car did well, and I could feel understeer while driving on Rattler Road.

This car is fun to drive, but it has some minor flaws. It is not as quick as a Honda Civic Si or Subaru WRX. This car might be good for people who want to have more fun when they drive in their daily routine.

The front suspension that is strut-like stays in place. The rear suspension is also multilink with an anti-roll bar. GLIs sit less than other Jettas and are more rigid when you drive them. DCC adaptable damping features as a part of the set.

But, indeed, Comfort is not lost. The car is comfortable to drive for a relaxed commute. There may be somebody rolling when you push on the gas, but that can’t be avoided.

It is a bit loud. Sometimes there is a sound from the tires, and the engine also makes its presence felt. The exhaust note could be too loud and echo some of the time.

The manual gear works well. It may not be easy to use, but it is not hard to use. It’s perfect for racing on backroads.

I would also suggest replacing the DSG. This is not because I want a stick shift. It’s because sometimes, even if I use paddles to bypass its logic, it would shift higher in places I don’t want to go to. It would tend to go into auto mode after a short time as well. But if you are using your GLI cash and you know that you will be driving angry at some point, then you should do the manual instead of the DSG.

I am happy that the VW has left its cabin untouched. I love the digital gauges, but I also like the simplicity of knobs and buttons from the past. The inside space is spacious, and most of what you find in front is high-quality and expensive, although some cheap materials are located in the back or under the beltline.

The change in skin color is so small that most people would not notice it. I did not need to be caught by someone very interested and experienced. This happened when I drove a Golf R a few minutes after. It is still beautiful, but it’s more conservative and does not make your eyes explode. It’s good if you like this car because of its sleeper side.

GLIs are the same as top-tier Jettas. They have LED lights, an open sunroof with a sky view, heated seats, and leather seats. They also have dual-zone climate control and a screen with navigation. GLIs do not have back-heated seats or wheels that are 18 inches instead of 17.

You can get a black package or a rear spoiler. The black box has black wheels and exterior trim pieces.

The IQ.DRIVE suite of driver-aid technologies on the Volkswagen is typical. It features forward-collision alert, lane-centring, and autonomous emergency brakes with monitors for pedestrians, blind spots, adaptive cruise control, and many more.

The fuel economy for a car is 26/37/30 if it has a stick and 26/36/30 with a DSG.

For the manual, the price starts at $30,995. For the automatic version of the car, it costs $31,795. Delivery will cost you $995 more.

We are looking at a car that has been changed some, but it is mostly the same. The most significant change is the digital speedometer. It looks good, but it’s not an improvement since the driver still likes to push it around and take it easy too. The GLI’s two personalities fit perfectly with its driver.

What’s New for 2022

The Volkswagen Jetta GLI 2022 has minor changes. New gauges are put in it, and some other things are changed.

Who Should Buy It

A person who wants a car that you can drive every day to work.

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