What’s the Cost of a Business Telephone Line?

Today, your customers can be contacted in many ways. However, voice communications are an extra step ahead of the chat boxes and tweets available. This is why having a business phone line is crucial.

But, the expense of setting up a top business telephone line can be expensive, and many users aren’t sure where to begin. What is the cost of an enterprise phone line? How do you start pricing one out?

A business line of a phone can cost between $20 to $30 per month for each user.

You should also consider the following when buying a business phone system:

  • Aspects affecting price
  • Per-user cost
  • Differences between the different types of phones
  • Features that are known to most people
  • The total estimated cost of the business line of a phone

Pricing Factors

There is no one provider of phones like the other. They each have their own characteristics and price ranges. When you’re first starting to look for an online telephone system, know what features you require and what you’d like to get.

Here are some of the essential aspects to think about when choosing the best phone service. The number of:

  • Employees
  • Phones
  • Telephone numbers
  • Simultaneous calls

Your Company’s Size

This is the most critical cost factor if you are operating a single location that employs ten people or ten places with more than ten employees. Some companies have a setup fee per location that could significantly increase costs.

  1. Phones

If you’re looking to buy physical phones for your area, there is another expense to think about. Phones are available in basic and mid-range and high-end options that differ concerning prices.

Typically, your service provider can aid you in making choices based on your goals for your service.

Additional Features

Certain features are integrated into the service instead of your phone. This means that some parts could be an additional charge. For instance, the three plans all include each of their features.

It’s a clear fact that Office Pro comes with fewer options than Office Enterprise, but if the lower plan has the features you need, it’s not a reason to pay to upgrade to the more costly procedure.

Cost Per User

Once you have figured out the number of lines and locations in your features, you’ll be able to determine the amount your phone system will price per person. The average per-person cost is as follows:

  • Plans with low-end pricing – $200 per user
  • Plan for mid-range users – $400-600
  • Per user – $1000 in the Enterprise Plan

You will observe your company’s size will make a difference when you decide on your company phone system. Many options can impact your costs, such as the kind of phone system you choose to use.

Phone Systems of a Type


The Voice over IP (VoIP) solution allows you to host all voice calls on your internet connection.

For instance, the Nextiva VoIP solution for small-sized businesses is a unified communications solution that includes all kinds of features, from video conference to facsimile making and much more. Additionally, it doesn’t require an additional hard-wired setup like your traditional landline.


We all know the meaning of a landline. The phone was the one we used to have in our offices or at home. Although not out of date tends to be more expensive, requires an internet connection, and takes a long time to set up. Landlines aren’t the same flexibility as a virtual telephone system.

Virtual Phone System

The Virtual Phone System is also called Internet Phone Service, which requires a fixed line to the phone. The bar is then routed to the computer’s screen, where all functions and controls are at your disposal.

Now that you have an idea of what phones for business are available to you, let’s get into the great stuff.

The Most Popular Features

Nowadays, everything is about functions. If it’s your business phone line, you’re bound to have some things you’d like the conduit to accomplish. Here are a few of Nextiva clients’ favorite features for business phones.

  • Security – We’ve got six redundant data centers that can help ensure your company is protected from natural disasters, fraud, and business continuity concerns.
  • Local Area Codes Across the United States, Nextiva offers area codes for all states.
  • Reliability: Our highly redundant network is equipped with the following points of contact as well as 99.999 percent uptime
  • VoIP apps and softphones allow you to make calls from anywhere, at any time.
  • Conference Calling – Schedule, moderate, record, and even host audio conference calls
  • Auto Attendant – Welcome your customers automatically with a message and provide them with an automated choice of options to pick from
  • Call Recording Automatically record calls, pause or resume calls, and have access to recording options at any time.
  • With Call Forwarding, you can forward business calls to different numbers or extensions with the click of a mouse.

The features are available to all of our customers regardless of the plan they select. In addition, we make it simple to upgrade if you decide to change your mind later.

The estimated total cost of the Business Telephone System

Let’s consider Nextiva, for instance. The Business Phone Service is one of the add-ons available to users of the Business Communication Suite.

Business Communication Suite Business Communication Suite has a three-tiered pricing structure that divides the options and costs so you can know precisely what you’re paying for in the beginning.

Primary – As little as $20/month/user

  • Unlimited Calling, SMS messages, and Internet Faxes
  • Voicemail with email delivery and text delivery
  • Free local number and toll-free number
  • Make sure you keep your current number.
  • Advanced call management
  • Management of contacts
  • Support for Omnichannel
  • Reporting as per standard

Starting at $25 per user/month for Pro

  • Listed below are all of them
  • in professional recording format 
  • App for iPhone, iPad, and Android plus desktop application on Nextiva
  • Presence and Instant Messaging
  • to provide instant team communication
  • Allowing unlimited conference calls
  • Customers Participation in Surveys (NEW using Pro)

Enterprise – From $30 per month/user

  • All of the listed
  • Website Live Chat

We’ve explained the kinds of costs you should consider when selecting the exemplary business phone service and broken it down into costs per user. Prices can vary widely according to the plan you choose and the provider you choose to use.

Here’s a general look at what your total business phone system will cost.

Enterprise-Grade cost per user: $1000 x 20 users = $20,000

The Enterprise-class account is just one instance. If you’re a small company, you’re likely to find that your expenses will be lower. That’s why we advise you to talk with an expert, such as a Nextiva Amazing Service rep, to receive a more accurate estimate.